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Value Shots

Discounted Shots are available at a great price!

3 Shot Monthly Special for $12

Ask your Bartender for this month's special!


The Lucy Lube

Pink Whitney | Lemonade | Grenadine


Porn Star

Blue Curaçao | Raspberry | Cranberry Juice


Dirty Hooker

Raspberry Sour Puss | Banana Bols | Pineapple Juice


3 Green Tea Special

Jameson Whiskey | Peach Schnapps
A Classic Shot!


3 Bombs (Jager/Cherry/Etc) for $14.75

Must be the same flavour


Selected Shots

Ask your bartender for their recommendations if you want something you don't see on our menu

Apple Pie

Apple Sour Puss | Fireball


Apple Jack

Apple Sour Puss | Jack Daniels Whiskey



Bailey's | Kahlua | Grand Marnier


Banana Jack

Banana Bols | Jack Daniels Whiskey


Burt Reynolds

Butter Ripple | Spiced Rum


Caramel Apple

Apple Sour Puss | Butter Ripple


Green Tea

Jameson Whiskey | Peach Schnapps


The Gringo

Tequila | Banana Bols | Lime Juice


Jolly Rancher

Melon Bols | Peach Schnapps


Red Headed Slut

Jägermeister | Peach Schnapps | Cranberry Juice


Sour Jack

Raspberry Sour Puss | Jack Daniels Whiskey



Fireball Whiskey


Specialty Shots

Unique, Fun shots you won't find anywhere else!

Unicorn Shots

Pick Your Favourite Colour
- Blue, Red, Green, Purple

Add a little Peach Schnapps to make it extra delicious, with our edible glitter to make it truly a unique shot you won't soon forget!


Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Fireball, Cream Soda, and Whipped Cream. Trick is, you can't use your hands to take this shot!



Drop Shots


Jägermeister | Redbull


Cherry Bomb

Cherry Vodka | Redbull


Melon Bomb

Melon Bols | Redbull


Skittle Bomb

Cointreau | Redbull


Be a Hero!

Buy A Round for the Bar!

Hero In Training

Buy 10 Value Shots
(Or the Monthly Special)

Save $5


Bar Hero

Buy 10 Standard Shots (Bartenders Choice)
Savings, $10.75


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